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School Visits

Charlotte and Paul Rampling have
been running ‘Brasted Ceramics’ since 2004. 

Charlotte is a qualified primary school teacher and has experience of teaching in Bromley, Hampshire and Central London. 

With this experience, Brasted Ceramics is able to offer the
unique opportunity of visiting schools within the local area. 

The schools package has direct links with the National Curriculum
and incorporates cross-curricular links with the foundation subjects. 

We currently offer packages that include links with ‘The Romans’,
‘The Victorians’, ‘Hindu Art’ and various impressionists.  We are also able to plan sessions that meet your own requirements, including sessions for Arts Week

The schools package includes:

  • A workbook with photocopiable worksheets that provide the children with a
    step-by-step guide to designing, planning and evaluating.

  • A ceramic tile (large 15cm x 15cm or small 10cm x 10cm)

  • Underglaze paints (non-toxic and washable!)

  • Brushes

  • 2 hour lesson tuition/supervision.

The total package is designed to take place over 3 sessions. 

Session 1 - The ‘designing and planning’ process takes place in the classroom,
prior to our visit. 

Session 2 - The children are then ready to paint their design onto a ceramic tile -
this can be done in the classroom or the art studio.  The ceramic tiles are glazed
and fired in the studio and returned to your school within 10 working days. 

Session 3 - The final stage is the ‘evaluation’, which is completed after our visit,
back in the classroom.

The cost of the package is:

£3.50 per child for a small tile (10cm x 10 cm)

£5.50 per child for a large tile (15cm x 15cm)

SPECIAL HALF PRICE BOOKING FEE - for school bookings only.
£150   £75  booking fee for the glazing, firing and
delivery of the items once they have been finished in our kiln.

For more information please email us:

or call
07923 060840



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